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What to Pack First When Moving?

Moving itself is not too difficult a task for many. It is the packing and organization of things that most people dread. You know where everything is, but for some reason, all that knowledge just flies out the window when it is time to pack. All of a sudden, your mind is as empty as that open cardboard box sitting in front of you. 

Try out this system we have put together to make moving easier and less stressful for you. This step-by-step guide should be helpful regardless of how big your home is or how many rooms you are packing. Master these tips, and you will soon get the hang of it.


Go from hard to easy

Your energy for packing diminishes as the moving day approaches. This is why you need to pack up the hardest rooms first. These are areas with the largest furniture or appliances, breakables, and everything that you believe should already be out of the way. “Easy” rooms can wait because their items (such as toiletries in bathrooms) can easily be tossed into a box a few hours before moving. 


Prepare a list of your “skeleton” household

You do not want to be looking at big, neatly shut boxes with pride only to recall that you forgot to leave some plates, glasses, and utensils out for use in your old home until moving day. Hence, before beginning to pack, make a list of things that need to remain with you until moving day. These include kitchen utensils, pillows, electronics and chargers, a comfortable chair, etc.


Start with the rooms you use the least often

The emptying of a room that you do not use frequently, such as the attic and the basement, will not impact you much. It is not likely that you will need to be in these rooms until moving day, so you are free to get their things out of the way early on. Therefore, we suggest that you pack such rooms first before moving on to more frequently visited rooms.


Be ready to take on your kitchen

The kitchen may as well be a separate entity on its own. It is hard to clean up and pack because it contains so many small items, big appliances, and heavy furniture. To avoid getting frustrated, take the time to plan your attack against your kitchen. Make a mental note of where like items are located, and calmly group these things in your boxes and containers.


Pack up the living room early on

It is true that you will have to “live” in your living room until moving day, but a lot of its things have to be put out of the way as soon as possible because they can keep the movers from quickly and efficiently moving things about on the day of your move. You may just want to leave behind your router or a small couch in the meantime.


Bedrooms and bathrooms should go last

Your bedroom is your refuge, and it houses all your personal belongings. It is also where you can rest after a long, tiring, and stressful day of packing. Meanwhile, the bathroom is essential for obvious reasons. Leave it as is until absolutely everything else is packed and ready. Anyway, very few items are in the bathroom, so it should not cause any delay.



Moving is never an easy task, but there are ways you can alleviate the difficulty. Follow the simple packing process we have detailed here, and you should be done packing before you even know it. Good luck!

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