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Moving – Where to Begin?

Moving – Where to Begin?

When we speak of moving out and moving into a new place, the first thing that comes to mind is it is tasking and hectic attributes. However, just as in any other tasking project, once you know the right place to start, things will get a whole lot easier. 

Naturally, when you stay in a place for a while, you tend to plant roots and so when it’s time to move, your process must be well planned and arranged to enable you move properly and even have some fun while at it. 


Where to Begin?

One thing to understand is that with moving, the preparation phase which is the first and most important is where work is. The move itself is very easy and less complicated as it involves just packing and unpacking. Follow these easy steps to make the entire process easy and even enjoyable.


Transfer your Information 

This step requires a lot of attention and precision. Once you’re settled on your new place and are ready to move in, the first thing you need to do is transfer important information like your utilities. You don’t want to be billed for the house you’ve moved out of when you’re in a new place already so be sure to call and transfer all utilities as advanced as possible.


In addition, file for a change of address before the move so all documents are in place and as you move in, you’re moving in completely. Be sure your credit card address is the address of your new place also because that’s how the postal service will verify your request.


Find Low-budget Packing Supplies 

Getting a new place probably cost you a fortune and there’s no reason to spend much more on boxes and tape. Yes, buying them from stores is an option but it’s also a reasonably expensive and unnecessary one. Instead of spending that extra money, visit a retail shop or furniture shop for their boxes for free. 

Retailers get their shipment in boxes and most times have nothing to do with the boxes after the items are sold. A furniture shop is, however, the best option for packing as they are very likely to have a variety of boxes in terms of size. Or better still, ask a friend that just moved in as well for their boxes.



If you are at this stage, then congratulations because you are almost done. This is the easiest and most comfort friendly stage in moving. Now before you get to throwing things in boxes, first purge the junk. Everything that hasn’t been used for up to a year should be donated to your favorite charity. 

Stained clothes, broken and outdated appliances should go to the trash. Now that you have fewer things to pack, it’ll be a lot easier to be organized and pack. Pack as simple as you can. Don’t just throw things in a box because that will turn out to be a problem when unpacking.


Pack according to each room so things for the bedroom and the kitchen do no end up in the same box and do not forget to label. This will come in really handy when moving and unpacking.

Use labels on boxes like “fragile” and “toiletries”.

Start small from least important things before progressing to most important ones.

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