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Can Moving Make You Happier?

Can Moving Make You Happier?

For most people, moving at first is not an exciting experience. Some move because they have to – failed relationships or change of job – whereas others just move because they want to – better facilities, safer neighborhood, etc.

Whatever the reason for moving, it does have an effect on your mental health. It can either make you more miserable or it can make you happier.

It really all depends on how you look at things and the level of expectations you have raised for this new place. It’s very easy and common to be happier after a move but it’s just as easy to be a lot more miserable. Here are some of the factors that can determine your mental health after a move.


Human Connection

Now the natural thing to happen when you live in a place, no matter how much certain features may have irritated you, you tend to build bridges, plant roots.

Learn the little hacks and even come to love the place and the neighborhood and since moving requires leaving most of these things behind to find new ones, it’s extremely easy to fall into a sadder state.

However, if you already have a few friends and/or family in the new neighborhood, maybe in the new school or work as well, the process of making new connections with these people you already know and love tends to make you a happier person.

You may even find yourself smiling more and doing new things.



It’s only logical to consider the weather when moving to a new place. For instance, some people may not be medically fit for colder areas and if you try to ignore the weather when getting a new place, you will end up unhappy because the cold will likely trigger some health issues for you and that is big problem.

But if someone with a medical condition triggered by cold moves from a colder area to a warmer area, they tend to be sick less often and as a ripple effect, a lot happier.

Also, people generally prefer warmer areas like California and so, moving to the Orange County will most likely improve your mental health and make you happier.



Nobody likes to be bored. So when moving, try to pick a more or less interesting area. Now everywhere has a little festivity some time or the other but some, more than the other.

It is natural for you to forget your problem when there’s a festival around you and the joy of the people is likely to rub off on you. Plus, areas like Miami and New Orleans that tend to come alive and bloom of joy and festivities during the summer are great places to move to.

Remember, mental health is not completely dependent on where you live and it is very possible that moving will not help. Like they say, “if you’re not happy here, who’s to say you will be happy there”.  

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